Donald Trump to Pay $83 Million in Defamation Case to Elizabeth Jean Carroll

Jury Awards Massive Damages to Accuser in Defamation Lawsuit

A New York jury has ordered former US president and potential 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump to pay a staggering $83.3 million in damages to author Elizabeth Jean Carroll for defaming her following accusations of rape from the 1990s. This decision comes as Trump positions himself as the frontrunner for the Republican primaries, potentially setting him up for a showdown against President Joe Biden in the upcoming November presidential election.

Trump dismissed the ruling as yet another witch hunt orchestrated by his political opponents. The substantial sum includes $65 million intended as punitive damages to discourage further targeting of Carroll. In total, Trump now faces a bill of $88 million following two trials connected to allegations made by the author.

Carroll Celebrates Victory Against “Little Brute”

The octogenarian accuser sought a minimum of $10 million in compensation for emotional distress and damage to her professional reputation. In response to the verdict, she issued a statement calling it a significant win for all women who have been knocked down and silenced by overpowering aggressors. Elizabeth Jean Carroll also labeled this outcome as a crushing blow to anyone attempting to intimidate or subdue these victims.

In May 2023, another civil lawsuit filed by Carroll resulted in a court holding Trump responsible for sexual assault dating back to 1996. Consequently, he was ordered to pay an additional $5 million in damages for defamatory remarks concerning the case that emerged in 2022.

An Electrifying Atmosphere Surrounds High-Stakes Trial

The defamation trial follows an initial civil complaint from 2019 and commenced on January 16th amid a charged environment. Former president Trump, who appears intent on reclaiming his place in the White House after victories in both Iowa and New Hampshire Republican primaries, was often present during proceedings.

As the trial unfolded, Trump turned to his influential platform – Truth Social – and its tens of millions of subscribers to continue disparaging Elizabeth Jean Carroll. Over three days, he posted approximately 60 messages accusing her of fabricating a “FALSE story” akin to that of Monica Lewinsky’s involvement with former President Bill Clinton in the late 1990s. Trump also accused Carroll of seeking to “EXTORT money.”

Key Points from the Donald Trump Defamation Case:

  • Jury awards $83.3 million in damages to Elizabeth Jean Carroll for defamation following rape allegations from the 1990s, which are the subject of a separate civil lawsuit against former President Trump.
  • Trump dismisses the case as a political witch hunt, while Carroll celebrates her victory as a triumph for women silenced by powerful adversaries.
  • The ex-president faces a total bill of $88 million after two trials connected to charges made by the author and his accompanying defamatory remarks.
  • Trump takes to his highly-popular social media platform, Truth Social, to continue targeting Carroll throughout the trial, accusing her of falsehood and extortion.
  • Elizabeth Jean Carroll initially filed the defamation complaint in 2019 before pursuing a second civil suit related to the underlying accusations of sexual assault.