Discover Innovative and Delicious Spreads for Your Pancakes in 2024

As we navigate through 2024, it’s time to treat our taste buds with innovative pancake toppings that elevate the traditional sugar, butter, and lemon trio. In today’s culinary landscape, artisans and renowned pastry chefs are introducing unique spreads and jams that add a delightful twist to your pancakes. Prepare yourself to enter a world of fantastic flavors with these delectable options:

Alléno & Rivoire’s Triple Pistachio Spread

Renowned chef Yannick Alléno and his pastry chef Aurélien Rivoire have expanded their successful brand, which started in late 2021, producing exceptional products made from premium ingredients. Their trademark Three Pistachio Spread is a perfect blend of pistachios and birch water. The use of fruits preserved in this water brings out a natural sweetness while offering an entirely different take on conventional fruit preserves.

Experience the fantastic pistachio spread that garnered rave reviews within just a few years of its launch.

La Confiture Parisienne’s Chestnut-Pear Jam

  • An eye-catching packaging that promises an extraordinary flavor experience
  • A rich, smooth praline texture resulting from the combination of chestnuts and pears
  • A pleasant and comforting taste that isn’t heavily sweetened

Celebrate Chandeleur Day with La Confiture Parisienne’s delicious Chestnut-Pear jam that combines authentic fruity flavors with a distinctive richness that perfectly complements your pancakes.

Perrine and Étienne Schaller’s Yuzu Spread

With the growing popularity of citrus fruits in recent years, Perrine and Étienne Schaller have emerged as leading producers in France. Their farm offers a selection of spreads that highlights the finest flavors from various citrus fruits.

  • Their organic Yuzu Spread, made from an exquisite Asian citrus fruit, brings distinctive acidity to your pancakes
  • Its strong similarity to English lemon curd adds a tangy twist to your breakfast or dessert

Treat your palate to an exciting new variation of pancake toppings with the tasteful Yuzu Spread.

La Grande Épicerie’s Salted Butter Buckwheat Caramel

Indulge in the irresistible combination of caramel and salted butter with a unique twist from La Grande Épicerie:

  • Experience Breton gastronomy at its finest with the addition of buckwheat seeds
  • A delectable fusion of textures and flavors perfect for elevating your pancakes

Transform your pancakes into something extraordinary by adding this delicious salted butter buckwheat caramel spread, rich in traditional French flavors.

Angelina’s Chestnut Cream

For over 120 years, Angelina has been known for their time-honored gourmet Parisian delicacies. Their famous Mont-Blanc dessert is topped with chestnut cream vermicelli, which you can now bring home in jars:

  • Made in collaboration with Maison Imbert, located in Aubenas, Ardèche
  • A touch of vanilla enhances the flavor of this classic French spread

Add a hint of Parisian elegance to your pancakes with Angelina’s irresistible chestnut cream.

A Bonus for Pancake Lovers: Benoît Castel’s Ready-to-Use Pancake Batter & Suzette Pancakes

If you prefer a more convenient approach, or lack time and confidence in your pancake-making abilities, try:

  • Benoît Castel’s pre-made liquid batter infused with vanilla flavoring – offering enough mix for approximately fifteen pancakes
  • For those avoiding any effort altogether, opt for his ready-to-eat Suzette pancakes featuring caramel-orange sauce, Grand Marnier liqueur, and candied orange zest

In conclusion, 2024 is shaping up to be an adventurous year for everyone who enjoys experimenting with delicious and unique pancake spreads and jams. From innovative pistachio spreads to traditional chestnut creams, these options will surely satisfy your cravings for something new and delightful while adding exceptional flavors to your beloved stacks of pancakes. Bon appétit!