Hangar Y: A New Cultural Destination Blending History and Modernity

From Dirigible Workshop to Art Hub

In the southwest of Paris, an extraordinary transformation has taken place. The former workshop responsible for the world’s first closed-circuit dirigible flight in 1884 was given new life as a multi-faceted cultural center. Named Hangar Y, this unique venue now connects art, culture, event space, and a picturesque park setting all into its historic structure.

A Vision Brought to Life

Businessman Frédéric Jousset spent three years and €30 million on renovating Hangar Y into the lively cultural destination it is today. Already boasting 140,000 visitors since opening in March, Hangar Y aims to make art and culture more accessible than ever. Inspired by other successful cultural centers like the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, the Dia Art Foundation in New York, and Naoshima island in Japan, Hangar Y looks to provide a platform for cultural, scientific, and ecological discoveries.

Refreshing a Historic Space

The renovation process was carefully led by Data Architectes agency and heritage specialist architect Daniel Lefèvre, alongside Urban Act and landscape designer Christian Fournet. To breath modernity into the former aeronautical warehouse, the large nave was opened up with a transparent glass facade. Incorporating impressive 11-meter high doors, the space can now comfortably host events such as seminars, concerts, and public gatherings.

Making Art Reachable for Everyone

  • Hybrid Venue: Hangar Y combines an art center, event space, and vibrant green park all within its walls.
  • Historic Connection: Visitors are reminded of the venue’s history as the birthplace of a groundbreaking dirigible flight in 1884.
  • Accessible Collection: Contemporary artworks from notable artists like Christian Boltanski, Subodh Gupta, and Adel Abdessemed can be enjoyed around the inviting hexagonal basin designed by André Le Nôtre.

An Invitation to Explore

The attraction doesn’t end with the art and architecture. Hangar Y also offers a sprawling outdoor playground for children, and a charming guinguette café set on the water’s edge, open during the warmer seasons. A visit to the cultural center is completed by a stroll along the Grande Perspective, which leads visitors on an enticing artistic journey around the basin.

Delights for Palates and Minds

Hangar Y caters not only to visual and historical interests but culinary ones as well. Michelin-starred chef Guillaume Sanchez helms a 275-seat indoor/outdoor restaurant, where guests can indulge in delectable cuisine while surrounded by the beautiful green landscapes and modern sculptures throughout the grounds.

A Unique Experience Worth Sharing

In summary, Hangar Y aims to provide families and individuals alike a distinct, inspiring, invigorating, and unifying experience. By offering a hybrid space that blends art, culture, events, and nature, it encourages both first-time explorers and seasoned art enthusiasts to appreciate its diverse offerings. As a landmark hub for culture and art that respects and incorporates its unique historical roots, Hangar Y truly represents a fresh approach to making cultural experiences accessible for all.